ITL MOBILE Specializing in the mobile phone industry, the company is located in 7/F,BlockA building 8 ,International Innovation Valley Shi Gu road ,Nan Shan district, shenzhen. with nearly 200 employees, engaged in mobile phone ID design, mold management,PCBA, LCD, reliability testing, software customization, hardware field testing, material management, cost control, production. To meet customer needs to the maximum, and through international logistics products quickly shipped to all parts of the world.

The company has a group of mobile phone electronics industry management personnel, each position of the staff have rich experience in the mobile phone industry.All departments of the company are managed by professional and efficient teams.Overseas customers all over the world, customer service satisfaction is very high.At present, it has exported to India, dubai, South America, Bangladesh, Colombia, Philippines, Russia and other countries


About The Factory

The production management At present there are three factories can produce goods, fu jian science and technology zhang zhou liancheng yunnan honghe Factory floor space An area of 50000 square meters Plant area An area of 30000 square meters 8 production lines Four packing lines Over 400 workers At present, the average monthly order quantity of our company is 1KK

Testing Center